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FireWire devices use a higher bandwidth than USB 2.0. The FireWire 400 and 800 models s upport high bandwidth speeds of 400MBps and 800MBp s, whereas the USB 2.0 is limited to 480MBps . In reality, this can be as low as 280MBps due to design constraints A FireWire device can stream data in both directions at the same time, while USB requires the sent packets of data to finish transmission before the device can receive more data. While seemingly a minor technical detail, this can impact performance and stability to some degree Technische verschillen tussen USB en FireWire. USB en FireWire hadden verschillende ontwerpdoelen toen ze voor het eerst werden ontwikkeld. USB is ontworpen voor eenvoud en lage kosten, terwijl FireWire is ontworpen voor hoge prestaties, met name in tijdgevoelige toepassingen zoals audio en video Comparing the FireWire 800 and USB 2.0 results on the MacBook Pro with the My Book Studio showed the FireWire 800 connection to be 35 percent faster at copying the file to the external drive, 51..

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  1. USB werkt met een 5 V-voedingslijn, terwijl Firewire tot 30 V kan leveren. USB-poorten kunnen tot 500 mA stroom leveren (2,5 watt vermogen), terwijl FireWire in theorie tot 60 watt stroom kan leveren, hoewel 10 tot 20 watt typischer is. Een FireWire-koperen kabel kan tot 4,5 meter lang zijn en is flexibeler dan de meeste parallelle SCSI-kabels
  2. USB vs Firewire . USB en Firewire zijn niet begonnen als concurrerende technologieën. Firewire, ontwikkeld door Apple samen met een paar andere technologiebedrijven, moest high-speed verbindingen bieden met apparaten die ze nodig hebben
  3. Firewire 400 126.44 sec = 28.2Mbyte/s USB 2.0 176.43 sec = 20.2Mbyte/s [b:efaa8134a5]Firewire 39.6% faster[/b:efaa8134a5]----
  4. Ondanks dat zowel USB als FireWire voor dataoverdracht gebruikt worden zijn er fundamentele verschillen tussen FireWire en USB. Deze verschillen zijn zo groot dat een eenvoudige conversie van USB naar FireWire niet mogelijk is. Het protocol dat wordt gebruikt om te communiceren werkt compleet anders
  5. When it comes to bandwidth, the first-generation Firewire 400 standard (IEEE 1394a) is slightly worse (400Mbps) on paper than USB 2, but in practice it holds several advantages
  6. The main difference between FireWire and Thunderbolt is that Thunderbolt provides a higher data transferring rate than FireWire. FireWire and USB are standard interfaces to establish communication between electronic devices. FireWire provides a data transferring rate of 400 to 800 Mbps. On the other hand, Thunderbolt provides a data transferring.

FireWire S400 daarentegen ondersteunt veel hogere doorvoersnelheid . Het verschil is deels te wijten aan USB 's een grotere afhankelijkheid van een computer CPU om interrupts en buffering te beheren Difference Between FireWire and USB Definition. FireWire is the Apple version of a standard, IEEE 1394, high-performance serial bus for connecting devices to personal computers whereas USB is a plug and play interface that allows a computer to communicate with peripheral and other devices. Thus, this is the main difference between FireWire and USB USB was designed mainly to provide users with a simple, low cost port connection, while FireWire was designed for a higher performance focusing on time-sensitive applications like audios and videos USB naar FireWire kabel, Type: IEEE 1394B, Aansluiting 1: USB A male, Aansluiting 2: 4-Polig FireWire Male, Lengte: 1.8 meter Deze kabel maakt het mogelijk om uw Digitale Camera met FireWire aansluiting aan te sluiten op de computer. De FireWire connector bevat 4 pins. Let op! Niet alle camera's ondersteunen deze manier van aansluiten aan de computer

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Difference Between USB and FireWire. Summary: Difference Between USB and FireWire is that a USB flash drive, sometimes called a thumb drive, is a flash memory storage device that plugs in a USB port on a computer or mobile device. You can use a FireWire hub to attach multiple devices to a single FireWire port In this video,we will be seeing difference between a firewire and an usb.FireWire (IEEE 1394) and USB (Universal Serial Bus) are both standards for communica.. In short, FireWire was, and still is, a hotrod technology. By comparison, USB was your father's Oldsmobile - slow and pokey 1.5Mb/s or 12Mb/s connection, good enough for mice, keyboards an

Het verschil tussen usb en firewire is dat de usb snelheid gedeelt wordt door het aantal apparaten. Dus als je usb 2.0 hebt 4 poorten op een usb bus dan wordt het 480mb/s gedeeld door 4. Langzaam dus, en daar komt ook nog bij dat usb puur op de cpu werkt Firewire 400 standard provides a data transfer rate of 400 Mbps, while the USB 2.0 standard offers a data transfer rate up to 480 Mbps. In actual performance, Firewire devices are faster than USB, owing partly to their peer-to-peer based architecture Firewire, or IEEE 1394, is another connection type that was popular for a while, but has kind of gone away over the last few years.The popularity of USB 2 and USB 3 devices slowed adoption of Firewire, resulting in the slow decline of the connection. This occurred even though Firewire 400 and 800 are faster than previous USB technologies (not including 3.0)

Technology has allowed us to marry analog and digital in order to keep art alive. twitter: https://twitter.com/acfrostbitefacebook: https://www.facebook.com/.. De populariteit van USB 2- en USB 3-apparaten vertraagde de acceptatie van Firewire, wat leidde tot een langzame afname van de verbinding. Dit gebeurde ook al zijn Firewire 400 en 800 sneller dan eerdere USB-technologieën (exclusief 3.0). Firewire heeft een rating van 3 Gbps (400) en 6 Gbps (800) Technické rozdíly mezi USB a FireWire USB a FireWire měly odlišné konstrukční cíle, když byly poprvé vyvinuty. USB bylo navrženo pro jednoduchost a nízké náklady, zatímco FireWire byl navržen pro vysoký výkon, zejména v časově citlivých aplikacích, jako jsou audio a video FireWire vs USB 2.0 Realtime Multitracking: Wat je real-time multitracking applicatie , zal het verschil tussen een Universal Serial Bus 2.0 en een FireWire-aansluiting meestal van invloed op de hoeveelheid informatie overgedragen . Echter , FireWire twee uitvoeringen met verschillende mogelijkheden

FireWire® 400 is actually faster than USB 2.0 in some applications. A USB cable to the left of two Firewire® cables. Another significant difference between USB and FireWire® is that USB only supplies 3 volts of power to connected devices, pulling this from the USB port. In a daisy chain or unpowered USB hub, the power decreases accordingly In termen van snelheid viel USB oorspronkelijk achter FireWire, maar met zijn vooruitgang via USB 3.0 is het nu vergelijkbaar met de snelheid van FireWire. De kosten kunnen echter discutabel zijn, aangezien een USB 3.0-kabel meer kost, maar uiteindelijk minder zal kosten, omdat voor het implementeren van FireWire mogelijk extra apparaten nodig zijn voor compatibiliteit met de meeste. Although FireWire 400 is faster at most tasks than USB 2.0 (even though FireWire 400's theoretical bandwidth is lower than USB 2.0's) it isn't always, or by much Het belangrijkste verschil tussen FireWire en USB is dat de FireWire een Apple-versie is van de IEEE 1394-interface waarmee gegevens snel kunnen worden overgedragen tussen apparaten, terwijl USB een interface is die communicatie tussen apparaten en een hostcontroller, zoals een pc, mogelijk maakt

USB or FireWire? Though not as hotly contested as the war between PC / Mac, the battle of USB vs FireWire has nonetheless sparked countless threads in message boards across the world. I am a proponent of equal opportunity data protocol use, so this discussion will primarily deal with the facts of each interface from a digital music perspective I have seen comments on the web, by respected mastering engineers, that state that firewire is audibly better than USB for an audio interface. This is supposedly the reason that the new Apple laptop machines have firewire that had not been in the previous generation. I am struck by the reports from CES that seem to indicate that the high end manufacturers are using USB and not Firewire

☛ USB is slower compared to FireWire. The only way the data transfer could work is if you're using USB 2 or 3, for the relavite FireWire port. If, let's say, you're trying to send data from a FireWire port to a USB port, the difference in speeds will result in loss of data. In case of videos, it will cause loss of frames Difference Between USB Port and FireWire Port. Summary: Difference Between USB Port and FireWire Port is that USB port, short for universal serial bus port, can connect up to 127 different peripherals together with a single connector. Previously called an IEEE 1394 port, a FireWire port is similar to a USB port in that it can connect multiple types of devices that require faster data. You don't compare the controllers, not because you can't, but because there is no benefit from doing so, even though you can. What you consider are the devices you need to or may want to attach. There are few SCSI and FireWire products on the mark.. Similar to USB, Firewire is a process of transferring and exchanging data and information between two or more computers or digital systems. Mostly, it has been seen that Firewire transfers include the digital transfers of data containing images, audio, and videos Although there can be significant differences between the speeds if you're using FireWire 800 instead of USB 2.0, the reality is that only specific applications need the former option. If you plan to do live streaming through this communication interface, such as you would need with hi-res audio from a computer to your stereo system, the only option is FireWire 800 right now

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Firewire vs USB. Many individuals worry that their firewire devices are useless because they do not possess a firewire to USB adapter and just possess a USB option for a port. Or maybe they might be worried that their USB products are worthless should they have firewire port and no firewire to USB adapter USB was designed for simplicity and low cost, while Firewire was designed for the superior performance required from audio and video applications. USB was initially supposed to complement Firewire by providing a means to interconnect hard disks, audio interfaces, and video equipment. USB ports supply less power USB 2.0, USB 3.0, eSATA, Thunderbolt, Firewire, and Ethernet ports are some of the different types of ports present on the latest generation laptops. Some ports work best for connecting an external hard drive, while others help in faster charging. Few pack the power to support a 4K monitor display while others may not have power capabilities at. FireWire VS USB FireWire FireWire is a device connection interface for data communication. Actually the interface is called IEEE 1394 and FireWire is its brand name given by Apple. It is also known as i.LINK & Lynx names given by Sony and respectively Texas Instruments Best cameras and lenses 2019 All forums Sigma Camera Talk Change forum. Firewire vs USB

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Kos USB vs FireWire Royalti yang dimiliki Apple dan pemegang paten pada mulanya dituntut daripada pengguna FireWire (US $ 0.25 bagi setiap sistem pengguna akhir) dan perkakasan yang lebih mahal yang diperlukan untuk melaksanakannya (US $ 1- $ 2), kedua-duanya telah digugurkan, telah menghalang FireWire daripada mengalihkan USB dalam peripheral komputer pasaran rendah-akhir, di mana kos produk. Biaya USB vs FireWire Royalti yang awalnya diminta oleh Apple dan pemegang paten lainnya dari pengguna FireWire (US $ 0, 25 per sistem pengguna akhir) dan perangkat keras yang lebih mahal yang dibutuhkan untuk mengimplementasikannya (US $ 1- $ 2), yang keduanya telah dibatalkan, telah mencegah FireWire dari menggusur USB di periferal komputer pasar massal low-end, di mana biaya produk. Comparație FireWire vs USB. FireWire (IEEE 1394) și USB (Universal Serial Bus) sunt ambele standarde pentru comunicarea între dispozitivele electronice. FireWire este numele de marcă pe care Apple îl folosește pentru interfața IEEE 1394. De asemenea, este cunoscut de numele de brand ale i.LINK (Sony), și Lynx (Tex.

Firewire vs. USB 2.0 question . . . Oct 30, 2008 Which is faster . . . Firewire or USB 2.0? My main computer is almost 3 years old now . . . 2.2 Ghz AMD Athlon 64 processor. My computer has firewire (1394) and USB 2.0. RE: Removing the firewire card. My procedure would be (a) remove the driver as you suggest; then (b) power down and then remove the card, before powering up again. That is probably what you had in mind, but I thought it best to be explicit. If you are adding a new card, power down again, then add the card. Windows will recognize the Firewire. So sánh FireWire vs USB. FireWire (IEEE 1394) và USB (Universal serial Bus) đều là các tiêu chuẩn để liên lạc giữa các thiết bị điện tử. FireWire là tên thương hiệu mà Apple sử dụng cho giao diện IEEE 1394. Nó cũng được biết đến bởi các tên thương hiệu của i.LINK (Sony) và Lynx (Tex. Tech — Battle of the next-gen: FireWire S3200 versus USB 3 Intel announced USB 3 at IDF last September, but FireWire isn't willing to go Joel Hruska - Dec 17, 2007 2:02 am UT

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  1. Thunderbolt 3 ports look the same as USB Type-C ports, but they're speedier, and the two have key inner differences. Here's how to tell them apart, plus crucial tips on which one is better for.
  2. MaxLLTo 6ft 1.8m USB to Firewire IEEE 1394 4 Pin iLink Adapter Data Cable. 3.7 out of 5 stars. 50. $6.99. $6. . 99. Get it as soon as Wed, Jul 7. FREE Shipping on orders over $25 shipped by Amazon
  3. August 10, 2012 at 2:44 pm. USB 3.0 is usually more than twice as fast as FireWire 800. If you were using an SSD inside the enclosure you would see a much larger difference in performance. The USB 3.0 chipset can make all the difference too
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Biaya USB vs FireWire Royalti yang awalnya diminta Apple dan pemegang paten lainnya dari pengguna FireWire (US $ 0,25 per sistem pengguna akhir) dan perangkat keras yang lebih mahal yang diperlukan untuk mengimplementasikannya (US $ 1- $ 2), yang keduanya telah dicabut, telah mencegah FireWire dari menggantikan USB di periferal komputer pasar massal kelas bawah, di mana biaya produk menjadi. FireWire 800 je podstatně rychlejší než Hi-Speed USB, a to jak v teorii, tak v praxi. USB 3.0 (vydané v listopadu 2008) poskytuje teoretickou rychlost 4,8 Gbit / s, což je přibližně 5krát rychlejší než FireWire 800, podstatně rychlejší než kterýkoli z jeho konkurentů nebo předchůdců, dokud nebude vydán další Difference Between USB and Firewire USB vs Firewire USB and Firewire did not start out as competing technologies. Firewire, which was developed by Apple along with a few other tech companies was supposed to provide high speed connections to devices that needs them. USB, which stands for Universal Serial Bus and developed by a group of companies that included Intel [

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This page compares Firewire vs USB and mentions difference between Firewire and USB interface types. Introduction: The firewire specifications are defined in IEEE 1394 by Apple. It defines specifications for high performance serial bus to connect devices to PCs. It is the method to transport information between devices such as audio and video. The Firewire results were 30.3MB/second for read, almost identical to the USB 2 value, and the likely track counts were 121 and 135 — once again, almost identical to the USB 2 values for the same drive. However, the write performance was rather slower, at 20.3MB/second. I'm not sure why the sustained Firewire write result is so much slower. De snelheden zijn vergelijkbaar. Telkens is de nieuwe versie van FireWire weer sneller dan USB, en dan komt er een nieuwe versie van USB die weer sneller is dan firewire. Momenteel is USB 3.0 het snelst. USB werkt op 5 volt; voor FireWire werkt tussen de 8 en 30V. Toegevoegd na 1 uur: Oudere camera's hebben vaak alleen firewire en geen USB

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In this article we answer the question of Firewire Vs. USB and which is better for audio recording This is why firewire is used for digital video equipment. For HDDs it's not quite as important. The previous poster makes a good point too- everyone has a USB connection, so the drive will work even if it has to use USB1.1 for some people. 480Mb = 60MB (b = bits, B= bytes) 400Mb = 50MB. Most drives rarely even hit 50MB, even while bursting USB/FireWire/eSATA: 2.5 And 3.5 Storage Options. Several years ago, users had to replace their PC's hard drive or install an additional one to increase storage capacity

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there is no audible change between firewire or USB, both are digital connections between the system and the device NOW devices for firewire usually tend to be higher end than devices for USB, due to the technological advantages of firewire (just its design, vs that of USB, suits it for higher quality stuff (like MOTU or PreSonus' gear)), although firewire itself does not make these devices. Firewire vs USB? Jump to Latest Follow 1 - 9 of 9 Posts. M. Mahogany Martin · Registered. Joined Mar 2, 2006 · 319 Posts . Discussion Starter · #1 · Apr 5, 2006. USB 2.0 Male naar Firewire iEEE 1394 4-pins mannelijke iLink-kabel, lengte: 1,2 meter. USB 2.0 AM naar Firewire 1394 4 pins kabel, lengte: 1.2m

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  1. FireWire-verkossa mikä tahansa kykenevä solmu voi hallita verkkoa. USB toimii 5 V: n virtajohdolla, kun taas Firewire voi syöttää jopa 30 V. USB-portit voivat tuottaa jopa 500mA virtaa (2,5 wattia tehoa), kun taas FireWire voi teoriassa tuottaa jopa 60 wattia virtaa, vaikka tyypillisempi on 10-20 wattia
  2. CI Certified USB 3.0 TetherTools TetherBoost Core Controller. What has been generally under-communicated is just how different the display and control of the IQ back and attached camera are between the cable types, especially in regards to the XF and DF+ camera bodies, with USB giving the photographer robust real-time data and full control of the semi-permanent customization of the camera.
  3. al 400 Mbps for FireWire 400, via real-world experience I can attest that USB 2.0 lags well behind FireWire 400 — to say nothing.

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Computer cables: USB, Firewire 400, Firewire 800 What is the difference between USB, Firewire 400, or Firewire 800 connectors? Submitted by Pat M., one of my newsletter subscribers. Answer. Great question Pat! I guess you were out shopping for a new back up hard drive after reading this post Firewire 800 9-PIN connector. Firewire streams data in both directions at the same time, which USB can't do. Thanks to this it performs better and goes lower with latencies. Audio interface round trip latency database. Firewire interfaces require supported Firewire controllers to work

USB's Planned Dependence. Unlike FireWire, a CPU-dependent USB controller is required to control the bus and data transfer, a key fact that draws attention to the third reason why FireWire did not make it: the politics of control between the PC industry and the consumer electronics industry. For many years, Intel has subsidized and supported emerging technologies that burden the host. USB 2.0 vs. FireWire: Tweet << Previous page Next page >> The peripheral USB 2.0 bus appeared yet last year. Unfortunately, Intel didn't integrate it in its new chipsets, and thus, prevented its popularization. NEC, however, released a single-chip solution for expansion cards. Echter, USB en USB 2.0 populariteit enigszins vertraagd het potentieel van Firewire, omdat veel randapparatuur van de computer en het apparaat fabrikanten produceren meer producten die een USB-gebaseerde, eerder dan Firewire gebaseerd. Hoewel, Firewire 400 en 800 zijn sneller dan de vorige USB-technologieën (waaronder niet is begrepen 3.0) Firewire naar USB 4pin kabel 120cm. 6,47. Verkoop door Cheaperito Brauch USB 2.0 Audio Video Grabber. 17,99. Verkoop door Startshop.nl Elgato Video Capture. 98,99. Verkoop door bol.com Transmedia FireWire 400 adapter met 4-pins (v) - 6-pins.

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FireWire vs USB; Grafik perbandingan; Keduanya adalah standar untuk komunikasi antar perangkat elektronik, masing-masing memiliki kelebihan dan kekurangan, tetapi pertanyaan sebenarnya adalah mana yang lebih cocok untuk Anda dan sistem Anda? Meskipun FireWire terkenal dengan kecepatannya, faktor-faktor lain muncul, membuat USB lebih umum digunakan I'm not sure that there is going to be any noticeable difference in sound quality or latency between the two lines. It sort of depends on which saffire and scarlett models you are comparing. One model might have features or I/O options that work better for you but at this point the FireWire vs USB issue is to as important as it once was RS232 vs USB and Firewire. Thread starter yasser_shoukry; Start date Jun 6, 2006; Status Not open for further replies. Jun 6, 2006 #1 Y. yasser_shoukry Full Member level 4. Joined May 31, 2006 Messages 233 Helped 25 Reputation 54 Reaction score 5 Trophy points 1,298 Location Cairo - Egyp Compare and contrast SCSI, FireWire and USB controllers. 62 % (698 Review) Compare and contrast SCSI, FireWire and USB controllers. Click to Get Answer. Students who viewed this Q&A also checked out. View Details. New. Modified Mastering Physics with Pearson eText -- Standalone Access Card -- for University Physics with Modern Physics (14th.

While USB 2.0 expanded into the fully backwards-compatible USB 3.0 and 3.1 (using the same main connector type), FireWire used a different connector between 400 and 800 implementations. Common applications. Consumer automobiles. IDB-1394 Customer Convenience Port (CCP) was the automotive version of the 1394 standard USB transfer rates are theoretically higher than FireWire due to the need for FireWire devices to arbitrate for bus access. A single FireWire device may achieve a transfer rate for FireWire 400 as high as 41 MB/s, while for USB 2.0 the rate can theoretically be 55 MB/s (for a single device) Was just wondering what audio interfaces you guys were running and what your opinion on firewire vs usb for an audio interface. I have the TC Konnekt 8 firewire which I'm growing out of and wanted something a bit better, not PRO by anymeans but a few more inputs firewire to usb c This is a topic that many people are looking for. newyorkcityvoices.org is a channel providing useful information about learning, life, digital marketing and online courses . it will help you have an overview and solid multi-faceted knowledge . Today, newyorkcityvoices.org would like to introduce to you FireWire vs

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Pinnacle USB vs. FireWire Pinnacle Systems biedt video-opnamekaarten die gebruikmaken van zowel FireWire en USB, de twee belangrijkste verbindingslijnen die worden gebruikt met randapparatuur. USB (universele seriële bus) ontstond gezamenlijk door Intel, Microsoft en anderen Firewire sends data over a constant stream whereas USB sends data in bursts of different speeds. This matters most when sending audio or video (and is why all high end video and audio equipment is Firewire). When you are working with a ton of audio tracks or some insane sample rate you would want Firewire USB vs Firewire USB a Firewire nebyly zahájeny jako konkurenční technologie. Firewire, který byl vyvinut společností Apple společně s několika dalšími technologickými společnostmi, měl poskytovat vysokorychlostní připojení k zařízením, které je potřebují. USB, což znamená Universal Serial Bus a vyvinuté skupinou firem, kter

Thunderbolt, Firewire, and USB - Speeds and Capabilities. Ports and cables are constantly changing. It's helpful to be aware of what Thunderbolt, Firewire, and USB are, and what their capabilities are, when choosing a PC or an audio, visual, or storage device Fantom Drives FD 18TB External Hard Drive - GFORCE - USB 3.2 Gen 1 5Gb/s+ eSATA + FireWire 400/800 - Read/Write Speeds up to 250MB/s - Black (GF18000QU3) Rev.. USB-C - HDMI ; USB-C - DVI FireWire 4-pins (v) - FireWire 6-pins (v) FireWire 400: doorvoersnelheid tot 400 Mbit/s uitvoering: adapter zonder kabel geschikt voor doorgave van data (geen voeding) Speciale prijs € 2,99 Normale prijs € 3,99 Staffel vanaf € 2,1 FireWire/IEEE-1394 (1394 is the designation of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers). FireWire/IEEE-1394 is the best example of a serial bus. The data is sent one bit behind the other over a single pair of lines. This allows a relatively long cable to be connected between the computer's port and the external audio interface USB 3.0 - On most PC's since late 2010, not Macs. Firewire 800 - On high-end PC's , Macs, and many mid-grade laptops since 2010. Advantage USB 3.0. For a Mac user Firewire 800 is a less expensive alternative to Thunderbolt but it's slower. If you want speed Thunderbolt is the way to go

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Difference Between Firewire and Thunderbolt Firewire vs Thunderbolt Thunderbolt and Firewire are two interface connection standards that are intended for peripheral devices. Thunderbolt is the newer one that aims to compete with Firewire, and even with USB. The main difference between Firewire and Thunderbolt is speed. Firewire has a maximum throughput of around 3.2Gbps while Thunderbolt is. USB Audio Interface vs Firewire Audio Interface. What is the difference between USB and Firewire? We observe all these peripherals out there when we face a purchasing decision. In the end, it boils down to the device you own and what it supports. Most devices these days feature only USB 2.0 ports (that are compatible with USB 1.0) Met deze PCI Express-kaart breidt u uw PC uit met twee externe en een interne USB 2.0 pooft en twee externe en een interne Firewire 400 poort. Technische gegevens- 2x extern 1x interne USB 2.0-specificatie- 2x extern 1x interne FireWire 1394A-specificatie- Data transfer rate: USB 2.0 tot 480 Mbps, FireWire tot 400 Mbps- PCI Express x1 Standaard- Ondersteunt PCI Express 1.0-specificatie- Plug.

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That means consumers will have to pay close attention to the versions of USB-C a device can support. For example, a USB-C port that supports USB 3 will have much slower transfer speeds than Thunderbolt 3 or 4. However, if the USB-C port includes support for USB 4, then the performance difference will be much less noticeable Apple does a better job on their FireWire page where they compare FireWire 800 to USB 2.0 as well as FireWire 400. The official USB website states, The USB-IF's recommended nomenclature for consumers is USB for slower speed products (1.5 Mb/s and 12Mb/s) and Hi-Speed USB for high-speed products (480Mb/s), as signified in the USB logos that were introduced in late 2000 Firewire IEEE 1394 6 Pin Female to USB 2.0 Type A Male Adaptor Convertor For Cameras Mobile Phones MP3 Player PDAs Black. £2.67. £2. . 67. FREE Delivery. Usually dispatched within 2 to 3 days Kos USB vs FireWire Royalti yang pada awalnya dituntut oleh Apple dan pemegang paten lain dari pengguna FireWire (AS $ 0.25 setiap sistem pengguna akhir) dan perkakasan yang lebih mahal yang diperlukan untuk melaksanakannya (US $ 1- $ 2), yang kedua-duanya telah dijatuhkan, telah menghalang FireWire daripada menukar USB di periferal komputer pasaran massal kelas atas, di mana kos produk.